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Recent Case Results

  • All charges dismissed against client, a National Football League Pro Bowl Player, arrested for Assault after being accused of injuring an individual outside a Manhattan nightclub (as reported in all national major media outlets)
  • All charges completely dismissed (including any traffic infractions) against client, a New York Times Columnist and National TV Pundit, for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) after police arrested him while in a vehicle allegedly sleeping behind the wheel with the engine on and keys in the ignition.
  • All charges dismissed against client arrested for Disseminating Indecent Materials to a Minor for allegedly engaging in sexually explicit chats with an undercover police officer posing as an underage girl in a chat room (as reported on front page of New York Law Journal)
  • All charges dismissed against client arrested for Making a Terroristic Threat after being accused of threatening another “Virginia Tech” shooting attack at Hunter College campus (as reported in newspaper)
  • All charges dismissed against client arrested for 5th time involving DWI charges.
  • All charges dismissed against client arrested for Disseminating Indecent Materials to a Minor for allegedly engaging in sexually explicit chats and sending sexually explicit  pictures to an individual posing as a 14 year old girl in a chat room (as reported on television show Dateline)
  • Charges dismissed against client facing state prison time after arrest for felony count of Aggravated Animal Cruelty for allegations that he beat his girlfriends dog nearly to death (as reported in newspaper)
  • Charges dropped against client arrested for felony count of Criminal Possession of a Weapon after client and four other co-defendants allegedly observed in school possessing a loaded Uzi that was recovered by police (other co-defendants serving state prison time) (as reported in newspaper)
  • Charges dropped against client, a teacher, accused of Inciting a Riot, after students protested in school after principal was fired (as reported in newspapers).
  • Client avoids arrest and prosecution on Federal charges of Possession of Child Pornography after computer seized and client apprehended by special agent from the Department of Homeland Security.

With extensive experience and diversity in criminal litigation, the Law Office of Aaron Wallenstein provides clients with care, accuracy and dedication expected of seasoned Attorneys. To prepare and afford clients with the most viable and practical legal representation possible, at affordable rates is our goal and guarantee.

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