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When you think about domestic violence, you might think of altercations that involve spouses. While this is one type of domestic violence, the act could be between parents and children, roommates, partners who live together, or siblings. There are times when the person who is committing the abusive act might not even know that abuse is being done to the person they love. The victims might not make a report about the violence because they fear the ramifications of their decisions. They might be threatened or told that they will be hurt or killed if they report the abuse that is being done to them. Some victims might feel ashamed and don’t want to get help because they think that they can handle the situation or that they aren’t the kind of person who would be abused. It’s important for victims as well as friends and family members of the victims to make a report so that the proper charges can be filed against the abuser and so that the victim can get the help that is needed. Sometimes, the abuser can get help as well and turn around the abusive ways.

There are various types of domestic violence aside from hitting another person. When you know what to look for, it can be easier to make a report. Once a report is made, then the abuser can be charged and receive the proper punishments according to the laws. An attorney can offer assistance to someone who has been abused by filing for a restraining order or filing the other paperwork needed so that the abuser stays away.

Physical abuse is the most common type of domestic violence and often the easiest to spot unless the victim hides inside the home or covers the bruises and other wounds that are present. This kind of abuse often involves hitting, biting, slapping, cutting, or any other impact that is physically delivered to the victim. Sexual abuse is another type of domestic violence that often occurs in relationships. The abuser will often force the victim to unwillingly have sex or perform sexual acts. This can take place in any kind of relationship, such as a boyfriend and girlfriend or a parent and child. Other charges could be filed if sexual abuse is present, such as rape.

Emotional abuse occurs when someone rips away the other person’s self-esteem. It often involves degrading statements that are made so that the victim feels worthless. A type of domestic violence that you might not think of is economic abuse. This is common among the elderly. It occurs when someone takes the money from another without the person being aware. This kind of abuse can also occur when the abuser makes the victim feel guilty if money isn’t given. Some abusers will prevent the victim from accessing money or funds to pay bills or to buy necessities for the home. Domestic violence reaches all backgrounds, ages, and ethnic groups. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, black or white, rich or poor because this kind of violence is all around. When charges are filed, an attorney can help the victim in multiple ways by working with the court to ensure that the abuser is punished.

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